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    Sectional View / Performance Range
    Performance Table
    Performance Curves
      seriess S pumps is suitable for transferring various liquids, such as clean liquid or neutral liquid with particles or weak -erosin liquid with particles. The product is applicable to water supply plant, agricultural irrigation, power station, drainage in pumps station, water supply system in industrial field, air-conditioning system, fire-fighting system, boat and ship industry as well as oil refining industry as an general equipment.

    Scope of Performance:
    Diameter of pumps inlet DN 100-1400mm
    Capacity Q 0~18000m3/h
    Head H 0~ 135m
    Working Pressure P 0~ 2.5Mpa
    Working Temp. T 0~135℃

    Structure lnstruction:
    S seriess pumps is single grade、double absorption、horizontal、axial split、volute、centrifugal pumps. The inlet and outlet of the pumps are both located under the shaft centerline, and distributed horizontally.
    Components & spare parts lower casing、upper casing 、impeller、shaft、wearing ring ect.
    There are some pipe threaded holes designed for installing vacuum gauge and pressure meter on the pumps flange ,and on the bottom of the flange, pipe thraded holes are made for draining of water. The pumps flange is manufactered according to GB standard, is also can be made by adopting ISO、DIN、BS or ANSI standards. The impeller checked by statically equilibrium is fixed on the shaft by shaft sleeves and shaft sleeve nuts. The axial position can be adjusted by shaft sleeve nuts. For the balance of the axial thrust of the impeller, it can use the symmetrical arrangement of the vanes of the impeller to meet the balance requirement.
    The pumps shaft is supported by two sets of bearing which are installed on the two ends of lower casing and are lubricated by oil grease.
    The wearing ring are equipped in the lower casing ,and they are convenient to dismantle and replacement. The pumps is directly driven by motor hrough flexible or metal reiterative chip of flexibility coupler. The driver also can be substiuted by dieses engine and steamer engine.
    The pumps can be sealed by packing or by mechanical seal The cooled washing water can flow into the shaft sealing house through the concave groove on the split surface of upper casing, or through the outer cooled water pipe equipped.
    When inspecting seriess S pumps, it is not required to disassemble the inlet and outlet pipe and motor, it is easy for maintenance.
    The structural size of the pumps can be changed as the customers'requirement.

    Rotary Direction:
      Looked from the end of motor, the rotary direction of the pumps shaft is clockwise (the pumps inlet is on the right ). It also can be change to the counterclockwise direction, the symbol of the pumps is an additional character "F" added at the end of pumps model (please see the following model instruction)

      If there is not any specisl requirements from customers, the material of the main components of the pumps is as the following:
    Lower casing、upper casing、impeller、wearing ring and shaft sleeves are all made of grey cast iron.
    The pumps shaft is made of 45# carbon steel. It also can be made of 2Cr13、40Cr etc.
    Other liquid-flowing parts and components can be made of the materials: such as ductile cast iron, cast steel bronze and stainless steel.
    Model Instruction :

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